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With a little help from Peter Leske, we make world class wines from our very own home in the Adelaide Hills. Find out more about the fruits of our labours

Alliance Wine Australia

Authentic Australian Wines with a Celtic Twist

Alliance Wine Australia was formed in 2006 and is led by Peter Leske, Giles Cooke MW and Fergal Tynan MW.

Bringing together all of our core projects under one roof, Alliance Wine Australia is a broad church. Concentrating on making premium wines with a subtlety, structure and finesse that is at one with our core markets, we're not afraid to experiment, innovate and "twist" classic styles whilst seeking inspiration from the past to help craft the future.

Huge Experience

Peter Leske has huge experience in many aspects of the Australian industry and was head winemaker for Nepenthe for 10 years. Fergal and Giles both have extensive experience and passion for Australia, having tasted and travelled there for over 15 years apiece - bringing with them a tireless energy for twisting classic styles and importing ideas from their travels elsewhere. 

Working with Growers

Drawing on this experience, we work alongside growers and wineries to craft a range of seriously individual wines that are a true reflection of the people that made them and the land on which they were grown. We're not looking for the mass produced or the banal - we seek out fruit, land, people and ideas that inspire us and, in turn, inspire you. 

New Beginnings

Peter Leske was head winemaker for Nepenthe for 10 years - establishing it as one of the pre-eminent wineries in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. With the original winery having been mothballed following an acquisition, Peter saw the opportunity to return "home" and in 2010 acquired the old Nepenthe winery which is now known as Revenir. Alongside our functional base near Port Adelaide, Revenir is Alliance Wine Australia's home-in-the-hills.

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