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Vida Orgánica, Mendoza

Since 1998, Zuccardi have been pioneering a project to make part of their vineyards in Mendoza Organic, thus Vida Orgánica was born. They have always believed that working with nature is the way to produce wines of quality, character and appeal. And the vineyards act as a playground for numerous insects and birds. They have kept a strong interest in the knowledge and respect for the natural environment as a way of looking after their quality of life.

Vida Orgánica is an exciting range of wines produced from organically grown grapes, without the use of synthetic products. All grape picking is carried out by hand and great care is taken not to damage the skins of the grapes between the vine and the crush. Every aspect of production from the vineyard to bottle is recorded in minute detail in order to create elegant and characterfull wines. The Vida Orgánica label reflects their respect for the natural environment as a way of improving the quality of life.