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Zuccardi, Mendoza

Zuccardi is a family-owned winery based in Mendoza, Argentina offering a range of wines with personality and terroir.

Sebastian Zuccardi, grandson of the founder, is now in charge at this trailblazing family winery. Rapidly establishing himself as one of the great winemaking talents of Argentina, he is determined to alter the world's perception of Malbec and evolve our understanding of what Mendoza has to offer. He talks of "not seeking perfect wines, but those that express the place, the region".

His vision is not altitude, it is terroir: terroir honed and shaped by the icy Andes flood waters whose power brought the rocks and boulders that now form the sub-soils of many of the very best vineyards. Frequently pictured waist deep in a muddy hole in one of these vineyards, these rocks not only form part of the vineyard but in their new winery, they form the building and the fermentation vessels. At the forefront of the movement towards greater fruit purity, Sebastian's wines are the most convincing argument for the use of concrete fermentation and ageing vessels and, as a result, for the movement towards a greater understanding of the potential of Malbec and of Argentina in general. Though we may be a little biased, it is fair to say that Sebastian is amongst the most influential young winemakers on the planet.

The combination of multiple microclimates in their vineyards - Piedra Infinita, Canal Uco, Los Membrillos, Vista Flores, San Pablo, Santa Rosa combined with varying altitudes, types of soil and the care of the vineyard, results in multiple terroirs. Zuccardi uses their knowledge to interpret each faithfully and express the essence of their origin and the unique and perfect combination of climate, soil, altitude and human interaction.

The range of wine consists of

  • Icons - Tito, Emma Zucardi, Zeta, Aluvonial and Fincas.
  • Serie A - The Argentine Series which reveals the richness of the soil and microclimate.
  • Q - The range stems from the practice of marking the wine with a 'Q' for Quality.
  • Familia Zuccardi