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Espinos y Cardos

Espinos y Cardos explores some of the premium varietals most adapted to the climate. Drawing on vineyard resources in Casablanca, Maipo and Aconcagua, the range offers stunning value both in terms of packaging and in quality of wine.

Comprising the Los Espinos range of varietals and our recent addition; the Santa Macarena Pinot Noir, these wines sit comfortably on any wine list.

The Central Valley's Mediterranean climate features the warm, dry summers and cold, rainy winters that vines love.

Even better, the interaction between the effects of the sea and the Andes result in a growing season that revels in bright sunny days and temperatures that take a dramatic dip each night.

This causes the broad daily temperature range that wine grapes need to develop fresh fruit flavours and crisp acidity in whote wines and the ripe tannins, deep colour and high levels of antioxidants and flavoids in red wines.

Los Espinos

The Los Espinos wines are something of a rarity. Our small scale production allows us to give personal attention to fruit selection and blending, thus ensuring the wuality of the wine in the bottle.

Santa Macarena

A single vineyard project from one of the most coastal vineyards in Chile. Sited in the San Antonio region, just 5km from the ocean, 55 miles west of central Santiago and just south of the Casablanca valley. This unique microclimate, fuelled by the Humboldt current, provides morning mists and spring frosts, more often associated with the Napa Valley and Bordeaux.