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Hidden Spring, Sussex

Minimal intervention winemaking from one of Englands oldest vineyards.

Originally established in 1986, the present owners, David and Chris, took over the 23 acre small-holding in 2015 and expanded the former vineyard site to cover all of the available land.

They removed the remains of a former campsite and planting over 24,000 vines across 13 acres. They do all of the labour themselves, from managing the vines, picking the grapes, bottling and labelling. Their obsession with balance in wine has led them to invest in a new state of the art winery and fully equipped lab for analysis at every stage. They believe the key to quality winemaking is information (they are technologists by background) and this gives them the data they need to make good decisions in the winery eliminating guesswork. They can also lay claim to being one of the oldest English vineyards with viticulture at Hidden Spring Vineyard going back to 1986 and evidence of earlier viticultural activity in the 1970's.

As viticulturist and half of the Hidden Spring family, Chris's viticultural principles are for minimal interventions, providing quality and maintaining long-term sustainability, letting the vines do what they want to do naturally which is to thrive on the nutrient-rich soils as their predecessors have done for decades before them.

David manages the winemaking side of the business, and aims to create exquisite balance between the wines natural varietal characteristics, fruit, acidity, flavours and the factors influenced by the winemaking process. They make white still wines in an aromatic style but aim to develop structure in the wine through lees ageing and the effects of partial oak barrel fermentation. They also allow the minimal intervention approach to be fully expressed in the wine. Minor adjustments are made along the way to achieve the desired balance.

Hidden Spring