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Clos Venturi

Extreme vineyards producing incredibly unique wines.

In the heart of Corsica, the unique winery of Clos Venturi is an 82 hectare estate overlooking the Golo Valley under the Popolasca mountain range. Vineyards were first planted in 1902 by Jean Vico, the estate is now run by the enthusiastic and forward thinking Emmanuel Venturi and his family.

Recently the vineyards have become 100% Biodynamic, with 90% Organic principles. Many of the vines are planted at the very limit of the wine growing zones in Corsica/ These are harmonious wines, showcasing the unique terroir of the Corsican landscape whilst maintaining the purity of fruit, its freshness and delicious nuances. Clos Venturi is planted on schist-laden slopes with a south, southeastern exposure. This is at the limit of the winemaking zone in Corsica with winter temperatures at this altitude reaching -10°C at night. The effect of this terroir, along with lower yields, hand harvesting in multiple passages, and more careful winemaking results in astonishingly good wine.

The domain uses different vats for fermenting and aging, in order to preserve freshness and minerality and enable the subtle nuances of central Corsican terroirs and indigenous varietals to fully express themselves. This careful process allows them to produce rich wines of great aromatic purity, which keep their unique character and express the particular characteristics of each vintage.