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Domaine de la Grande Bauquière, Côtes de Provence

The Sainte Victoire Mountains, a bright white line of rocks that was the inspiration to the painters Van Gogh, Cézanne and many others, slices through the sky protecting the domaine area from the worst ravages of the Mistral wind.

This 80 hectare domaine is protected by rows of tall trees whilst streams meander between them and through the vineyards. This creates an idyllic land full of biodiversity. It also creates exceptional terroir and allows for excellent production of great wines.

Harvested at night in order to preserve the primary aromas of the grape variety, followed by a reductive wine making process where the juice is protected from oxidation from the start and a pneumatic pressing under a blanket of nitrogen. Selection of the pressed juices before cold settling for 48 hours. Temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation with no malolactic fermentation.