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Domaine Sainte Irénée, Vin de Pays

Domaine Sainte Irénée is rumoured to have been born from 2000 year old vineyards.

In 1942 the Marquis de Roux who is the father of the current owner Ms Belat, bought the Saint Irénée Estate. It is located close to Nîmes in Beaucaire, a beautiful city made of stone and water between Provence and the Mediterranean sea.

Rumoured to have been established by the Romans around 2000 years ago, who already guessed the outstanding conditions of this area for winemaking, nowadays, we can still appreciate their amazing heritage at the "Arènes de Nîmes" or the "Pont du Gard", both a legacy of the Roman civilization Golden Age.

Count Edouard de Lamy took over in 1957 and over 50 years completely restructured the vineyard and created a modern, well-equipped winery.

Recently there have been some changes, with Arnaud de Lamy (who previously made the wine) taking up residence in America, working for J P Moueix. He has handed over the management of the estate to his brother, Edouard de Lamy, and the winemaking is now in the capable hands of resident winemaker Vincent Dubernet. 

In 2004, 11ha were given over to organic agriculture with a view to converting the entire property, and all of the wines are certified by Ecocert and NOP