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La Tour Melas, Achinos

La Tour Melas is young, dynamique winemaker who create well made, textural and interesting wines in Achinos.

Kyros Melas planted his 11ha of vineyards in 2011 with Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot with vines imported from his estate in France.

These vineyards overlook the Aegean sea, that create a wind flow and cooling affect, enabling Kyros to practice biodynamic and organic farming. Planted on clay limestone soils, the grapes are hand picked, then made with as little intervention as possible using an underground gravity flowed cellar. Each wine is hand bottled to finish the truly artisanal process. They show a level of ripeness and intensity, combined with elegance, structure and capacity for ageing.

Following a growing trend, La Tour Milas practice minimal intervention, biodynamic and organic farming and winemaking is carried out in a naturally temperature controlled, under ground gravity flow cellar and bottled by hand.