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Koch, Hajós Baja

Truly delightful indigenous varietals from the region of Hajós Baja.

The Koch family's winemaking traditions go back as long ago as 1748 and through many generations in the Hajos-Baja area.  Koch Csaba was born in 1969 and he inherited a few lines of vines from his Grandfather in 1991.

After reading Biology at Universtiy and becoming an Agriculture Engineer as well as graduating at Kecskemét Gardening and Agriculture Collage in Viticulture, Koch Csaba became the President of the Hajós Association of Winegrowers, a member of the Hungarian Wine Academy, member of the Board of the Hungarian Winegrowers Association and his wines are winning an endless number of national and international gold awards. He was awarded Winery of the Year, Hungary in 2014.

Koch's attitude to winemaking is to approach it with as little intervention as possible. He is a lover of nature and he encourages wildlife around his winery and vineyards to thrive. His theory is that with less intervention in nature's cycles, nature takes care of itself especially with regards to pest control. On vineyard you will find apple and other fruit trees growing happily next to the vines. All grapes are harvested by hand. His vineyards are based in two locations, Hajos Baja and the famous Villany. They are both very different in terms of soil and altitude. The vineyards in Barota are in the fertile plain, whilst the vineyards in Villany have altitude of 400 meters and limestone soils with clay. This allows Koch to grow many different type of grapes, indigenous and international. He grows 11 different types and has a small nursery where he experiments with old and new grape DNAs and crossings.