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Gulfi, Sicily

Gulfi has forged a reputation as one of the finest Sicilian producers of Nero d'Avola

Vito Catania comes from a proud tradition of vine growers and winemakers in his native Sicily and whilst he has spent his career in the very different sector of engineering, the lure of the vineyard proved too strong.

The result is Gulfi, an exceptional young producer based in Ragusa - the ´home´ of Nero d'Avola that focuses on terroir specific, single vineyard bottlings of Sicily's signature red varietal.

In the 10 years since its inception the wines made by Gulfi have demonstrated the huge potential of this varietal when old bush vines, careful site selection and exceptional winemaking are combined.

Gulfi's greatest commitment is to safeguard the land and to continue making wine in ways that respects the environment and is in equilibrium with the surrounding ecosystem.

The indigenous vines, which over centuries have adapted themselves to these lands, the non-irrigated Alberello cultivation and organic agriculture, are fundamental in the production of top quality wines.

Regularly garlanded with Tre Bicchieri awards from the Gambero Rosso, Gulfi was named ´Winery of the Year´ by the Guide to the Best Italian wines of 2012-  recognising the quality of the entire range and the pioneering work it has done in the promotion of Nero d'Avola.