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Santos y Seixo, IGP Alentejo

A fresh new look at the wines of portugal

Created in 2014 the aim of its founders, Alzira dos Santos and Pedro Seixo in conjunction with winemaker Paolo Nigra, is to bring a fresh new look at the wines of Portugal.

A project with the ambition to provide high quality wines originating from various regions of Portugal, where they use the best grapes that each region has to offer.

In each vintage they select the best grapes grown by the most dedicated producers from prime locations in Alto Alentejo, and the vineyards in the Cima Corgo and Baixo Corgo Douro. The Rotas de Portugal wines are from the Alto Alentejo.

Faced with long, hot and very dry summers, meaning low yields and small production, Santos y Seixo use minimal intervention to focus on quality over quantity. A combination of traditional and modern wine making methods are used to create extremely drinkable wines.