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Bodegas Caudalía, DO Navarra

New to Alliance in 2016 Bodegas Caudalía uses integrated wine making practices for producing quality wine from Navarra

Bodegas Caudalía is a small scale high quality producer in Navarra.They have a deep knowledge and extensive experience in winemaking and viticulture. From this they have turned their passion for wine into a way of life. The wines that they make show the spirit of the land from which they grow and celebrate a true sense of place and respect.

Bodegas Caudalía work with minimal intervention, to allow the land to express itself freely, attaining a delicate biological balance. The vineyards are found within the Baja Montaña, in the municipality of San Martín de Unx, at altitudes of between 500 and 750 metres above sea level, with poor soils and Atlantic influences.

Winemaker Raquel Grandival Allende developed a passion for Syrah while working in South America and is their first wine to be released. Future releases will feature varieties more traditionally found within region such as Tempranillo and especially Garnacha.

The wines names are Mexican, where owner Lopez Barco had lived for many years.