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Bodegas Gratias, Manchuela

When Ana and Iván got together for a party with some oenologist friends in 2007 they decided to make some wine and put it in a barrel. The results of this first vintage were astonishing and so Bodegas Gratias was born.

After the success of the first vintage, they realised they had a chance to make a difference. In a region where vinous history is being uprooted and traditions lost Bodegas Gratias is attempting to preserve old vineyards of Bobal and other local varieties to show that great wine can still be made here and that traditional ways of life can continue into the 21st century. These wines are artisanal and as natural as they come being organically grown, fermented with natural occurring yeasts and only minute sulphur additions, if any.

Predominantly growing the native Bobal variety, on gnarly old bush vines planted on mainly lime bearing clay soils. These wines are artisinal and as natural as they come, made ethically with respect for the environment and in an honest fashion. Mostly fermented in oak and aged on the lees in stainless steel tanks or in tinaja or clay amphora.