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Celler Del Roure, DO Valencia

Championing the wines and indigenous varietals of Valencia

Celler del Roure was created in 1995 as a family estate by Pablo Calatayud. Based in the village of Moixent, the property is committed to nurturing and championing the wines and indigenous varietals of the region, most notably the Mando grape.

Celler del Roure began with 20 ha of vineyards in Moixent, and have since expanded with the purchase of a new 40 ha estate in the valley of Les Alcusses (Serra Grossa), below the Iberian settlement "La Bastide Les Alcusses" (hence the label of the second wine Les Alcusses). This is where the new winery was built with stainless steel tanks, a pneumatic press and in general facilities that were a significant improvement on the old winery, which was temporarily located at the beginning of the project in the furniture factory owned by the family Calatayud. 

The three estates into which the property is divided are approximately 550m above sea level, with very varied soils characterized by both sandy loam textures and clay-limestone. 

In keeping with the traditional wine making of the region, Celler del Roure use amphorae to age their wines.