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Leyenda del Paramo, DO Terra León

Albarin and Prieto Picudo from Terra León

Pedro Gonzalez Mittlebrunn has been the driving force behind the revival of León´s intesnely coloured and flavoured local variety Prieto Picudo and the fresh and aromatic Albarin Blanco. Vineyards are located on the windswept, rolling landscape of El Paramo, in the northern reaches of the Duero River basin. With 10o hectares of old vines, nutrient poor soil and traditional bush training, the grapes grown are intensely concentrated and produce wines of outstansing quality - every vintage has been awarded over 90 points by both Parker and Peñn.

León's climate is cold mediterranean, but the altitude and proximity to the Cantábrico mountain range make it closer to continental climate. Long, foggy and frosty winter, spring and summer are irregular. Autumn is usually rainy (around 500mm). Thanks to the fluctuations of temperatures between day and night the grapes are rich in aromas and polyphenols. 2,700 hours of sun per year favour a regular ripening.

Primarily devoted to the production of wheat and aromatic herbs such as chamomile, the contours of the low hills (oteros) provide adequate protection from the winds for prieto picudo. Traditionally known as Valdevimbre-Los Oteros, this region now offers its wines under the alternative appellations Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León or D.O. Tierra de León.


Grapes - the lowdown

Albarín blanco is one of the great mysteries among the Spanish grape varieties. It is a rare and scarce variety. It has nothing to do with albariño from Galicia even though the names are similar. This grape is autochthonous from the South of León and Asturias. Extremely aromatic and fresh grape variety. It combines herbal aromas from verdejo with tropical fruit fromalbariño adding a moscatel background at the end. Nowadays, there are only 200 hectares left in the region D.O. Tierra de León, but we hope there will be more as the number of consumers increases


Prieto Picudo: indigenous to León. Small compact bunches of small, thick skinned berries very low yielding. Wines are typiclaly cherry coloured, higher in alcohol and very aromatic - fruits of the forest and black pepper.