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Pazo de Señorans, DO Rias Baixas

Now seen as the best Gallician winery, Pazo de Señorans regularly win awards for their top Albrinos

The leading producer in Rias Baixas widely recognised as one of Spain's finest producers. It has frequently won "Best White Wine" trophy at the Wines from Spain awards and regularly receives the highest score from TWA of all Albariños.

There are two wines, Pazo Señorans Albariño and the Seleccion Añada. The former is generally sold as young wine in the year following harvest but, and this is the important thing about Señorans, it has the ability to age and is probably at its best 18-36 months after harvest. The Seleccion Añada is unique being aged on its lees in small steel tanks for up to 36 months or so and demonstrates above all the ageing potential of Albariño, and Señorans in particular, that we think no other producer can mimic.

Continuing their search to demonstrate how well Albariño ages Señorans began, in 2011, to hold back some stock of the regular bottling so as to be able to release it some years later. The first wine to be available commercially is the 2011 vintage, labelled as Coleccion, which we would really urge people to consider and try.