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District 7, Monterey County

Home to world-class vineyards and exceptional wines.

District 7 is part of the Scheid family estate, growing in the Monterey AVA since it's conception in 1972 by Al Scheid and there are now 11 estate vineyards totalling 4,000 acres located along a 70 mile spread in Monterey County.

California has 17 grape crush districts, encompassing a wide range of climate, terrain and soil types.  District 7 is Monterey County. District 7 has the longest growing season of all of the districts, a result of the chilled marine air from the Monterey Bay that rushes down the Salinas Valley each day.

Within District 7 there are 4 regions which each of which suits particular varietals usually associated with the the following classical wine regions.

Region I - Burgundy Grapes
Region II - Rhône
Region III - Spain
Region IV - Bordeaux 

100% sustainable certified California Sustainable Winegrowing, utilising 100% drip irrigation, composting of grape pomace stems and seeds and recycling of winery waste water, cover crops for erosion control and encouragement of wildlife and natural pest control through 250 owl boxes within the vineyards.

Scheid Family Wines

District 7