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Spring Valley Wines, Walla Walla Valley, Washington

Spring Valley Vineyard is one of the few true estate wineries in Washington.

Spring Valley Vineyards is a small winery located within the Walla Walla Valley in Washington State.  It is one of Washington's few true wine estates with estate grown and bottled red wines from land that the Corkrum and Derby families have farmed for over a century.

The founders of the estate are wheat farmers, who realised that Walla Walla is developing into a highly acclaimed wine region.  They planted a small vineyard within their 400 hectare wheat property.

At first they sold the fruit to wineries.  These wines received high scores and excellent reviews, which made the Corkrum Derby Family decide to make wines themselves.
The wines reflect the terroir of the Spring Valley, where it is a little bit cooler than the rest of Walla Walla due to its higher elevation. The winery is more like a Farm-Barn that has been remodelled into a winery. The winemaker, Serge, is of French origin, and wanted to spend a few years in Walla Walla, which is now more of a permanent home for him.

These highly acclaimed wines include 'Uriah' a merlot based red blend; 'Katherine Corkrum' Cabernet Franc and 'Frederick' a Cabernet Sauvignon based blend.