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Bodegas Ximinez Spinolan Diez Mil Botellas Jerez, Spain

Product code: 3863
Bodegas Ximinez Spinolan Diez Mil Botellas Jerez, Spain

Producer Profile

There are not many wineries that have built their success by focusing on just one grape variety, let alone one that has been permanently out of fashion, but that is precisely what Bodegas Ximénez-Spínola have done since 1729.

Working solely with Pedro Ximénez, they produce a selection of fascinating dry wine, dessert wine and sherry. However, there are not many wineries with such immense history and deep knowledge of Pedro Ximénez either, making them true masters of the grape and producer of some truly exceptional wines.


Distilling Pedro Ximénez is not easy. Extracting the nuances of its aromas and making them remain in a Castaño barrel, it seems atypical. However, the most difficult thing is to make the silkiness of the toasts and the memory of the raisins integrate with the alcohol.


Pedro Ximénez base wines are distilled and the extracted alcohol is aged in 750-liter capacity Castaño wooden casks, which have been previously held Pedro Ximénez wine. The Chestnut used now, was the basic wood made into casks by the cooperage in Jerez until 1939, but from this date deforestation caused by the civil war, forced them to replace it by the American Oak. This distillate remains at least 12 years in Castaño barrels, before being bottled. This distillate is as close as possible to the Brandy that was drunk in Spain until the middle of the 20th century. The particularity of Chestnut is that it is a wood that does not provide excessive astringent notes. Its flavors and aromas are basically oxidation, being so respectful of the original product, that it even helps the aromatic and gustatory memory of the Pedro Ximénez grape itself survive.

Oak Ageing

Time: 12 Years +
Type: 750 Litre Castaño wooden casks
% wine oaked: 100
% new oak: None

Tasting Note

Amber colour, clean, bright and particularly pale, without edges thanks to the neutrality of Chestnut. Intense aromas but not heavy, reminiscent of raisin and plum, typical of the great wines of Pedro Ximénez barrels as they age. The persistence of the aroma does not come from the wood and is due to oxidation, being an elegant fragrance and not aggressive in intensity. In the mouth it maintains a serene balance, allowing us to appreciate the quality of the original aged wine distillate. Subtle natural sweetness that helps to smooth the alcoholic edges on the finish, until they are almost imperceptible. It invites you to continue drinking as it does not burn your throat despite its 40º of alcohol.

Technical Details
Pedro Ximenez 100%


Brandy de Jerez

Case Size:
3 x 70cl