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Product code: 4436

Equipo Navazos, La Bota De Florpower 107 MMXX, Jerez, Spain, 2020

Equipo Navazos, La Bota De Florpower 107 MMXX, Jerez, Spain, 2020

Producer Profile

Equipo Navazos is a group of friends who have united over a shared passion for the treasures of Jerez, Sanlúcar, El Puerto and Montilla.

Working with local producers to identify high quality butts of sherry with finesse and complexity which they then bottle and offer in very limited amounts. As well as producing sherry, Equipo Navazos has collaborated with other winemakers including Dirk Niepoort and Sergi Colet to develop some intriguing and characterful wines from Jerez and sparkling wines from Penèdes.


Made exclusively from Palomino Fino sourced from 55 and 85 years old vines in the blessed plot known as Pago Miraflores La Baja, Sanlúcar.


Traditional fermentation takes place in the same 600-litre Jerez casks where it later ages under flor for 8 months. In May 2021 it was transferred into stainless steel where, under a much milder influence of flor yeasts, it remained for 2 months until bottling in July 2021. La Bota de Florpower 107 MMXX, an unfortified white wine, follows vintages 2010 and 2012 (releases 44, 53 and 57) in origin and winemaking practices, and even more the 2014 vintage (La Bota de Florpower MMXIV 67 “Más acá”), which started a line followed by vintages 2015 (release 77), 2016 (release 84) and 2018 (release 97). The 2019 (release 99) was exceptional in several ways, among them the fact it did not have any flor at all ... and with this 2020 (release 107) Equipo Navazos have taken a further step towards what they believe is the perfect point of balance, freshness and expression of the vineyard through ever shorter periods of biological ageing.

Oak Aging

Time: 8 Months
Type: 600 Litre Sherry Casks
% wine oaked: 100
% new oak: None

Tasting Note

Equipo Navazos are experts in extracting the full potential of biological ageing under flor at natural (unfortified) alcohol levels. Years of experience has shown that terroir always prevails regardless of the intensity and duration of ageing, which is why they increasingly tend to limit the latter, as is the case in this latest release.

Technical Details
Palomino Fino 100%
Vegetarian Vegan

Screw cap


Still wine

Case Size:
6 x 75cl