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Equipo Navazos, La Bota No 102, Palo Cortado “Sanlúcar”, DO Jerez, Spain

Equipo Navazos, La Bota No 102, Palo Cortado “Sanlúcar”, DO Jerez, Spain

Producer Profile

Equipo Navazos is a group of friends who have united over a shared passion for the treasures of Jerez, Sanlúcar, El Puerto and Montilla.

Working with local producers to identify high quality butts of sherry with finesse and complexity which they then bottle and offer in very limited amounts. As well as producing sherry, Equipo Navazos has collaborated with other winemakers including Dirk Niepoort and Sergi Colet to develop some intriguing and characterful wines from Jerez and sparkling wines from Penèdes.


The white chalky soil of the Jerez area, 'albariza,' is ideal for the cultivation of Palamino grapes which produce the sherry for which Jerez is so well known.

Oak Treatment

Tasting Note

This is a new take of their (now not so) young Palo Cortado from the 2010 vintage, a personal creation of Eduardo Ojeda, from the same musts derived from two adjoining vineyards of old vines (50+ and 80+ years), which are extremely low yielding in the Pago de Miraflores La Baja. This wine has been aged as single vintage in a number of Bordeaux barrels, plus a few larger casks, all filled to one ‘tocadedos’ (a thumb’s depth) to avoid excessive oxidation and to respect the wine’s noble origin as much as possible. It is an oxidative wine in which, if there was any exposure to biological ageing during its evolution, it was unintended, conceivably in the tanks as the wine was waiting to be fortified to 17.5% vol. and to be transferred to barrel. The most impressive characteristic of this wine is its distinctive minerality, unique to the coastal regions of Sanlúcar, which is transmitted through a profile that evokes other wines of the same origin as such releases of La Bota de Amontillado 37, 58, 69 and 95, La Bota de Florpower in all its vintages, and even the different editions of La Bota de Manzanilla Pasada. For a Palo Cortado, its alcoholic strength is modest at 18%, and so perfectly integrated that were it to be tasted blind seems lower. A very drinkable and refreshing wine, and increasingly complex and long. About 2000 units will be bottled.

Technical Details
Palomino Fino 100%

Natural cork



Case Size:
6 x 75cl