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Wine is an event

For us, wine is an event, and enjoying it in inspiring surroundings, with sensational food and good company is what we love best.

Our innovative tastings provide a platform for sharing ideas, sampling new wines, enjoying old favourites and indulging our passion for all that is good in food and wine.  The programme varied so undoubtedly there will be something just right for you.  We also want to help you inspire your customers so get in touch if you are interested in how our producers can really bring wine to life.

We want each tasting to be memorable and enjoyed in a laid back, appealing manner.

Browse past events to see a variety of tastings and activities showcasing our world class wines.

Founded in 1984 by Christian Bouteiller and Jonathan Kennett, Alliance Wine has travelled the wine roads less travelled.

I can access wines from iconic estates from around the world - I'll keep growing my business with Alliance.

John, The Vineyard