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When we started out in the wine trade, neither of us could have known that one day we would be making wine in two continents and selling it in three. That we are able to do this is testament to technology but it is our fundamental love for wine and restless curiosity that provides the inspiration for all that we do.

Fergal Tynan MW & Giles Cooke MW

International Services

Alliance Wine has more than 30 years experience of meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations, we aim to go beyond boundaries.

Made by Alliance

We have put this experience to good use by cultivating projects in many countries with the objective of producing high quality, great value, original and authentic wines.

As a result, we now have a broad range of wines from 7 countries, all of which are available to our export partners.

Broadly speaking, we work in 3 different but complimentary ways:

Hand Made

With our feet firmly on the ground, our heads in the sky and our hands stained red, we have devoted time, passion and energy in order to establish projects where we are present and involved at every stage from vineyard sourcing & grape selection through winemaking, barrel selection and packaging. This is Hand Made.

Hand in Hand

While we would love to be everywhere, all of the time, sometimes it just isn't possible to be everywhere that wine would takes us. We wouldn't be in wine if we didn't know how to make a virtue out of a necessity and in fact, working hand in hand with local experts in their respective regions always yields great results - both oenologically and culturally.

By working with people who "live and breathe" their region, we are able to build upon their expertise and cross pollinate ideas to bring fresh life and new perspectives to established regions of the world.

Negotiants Extraordinaire

Many great wines are made by those who do not necessarily possess huge wealth but who have an innate gift for sniffing out the best grape sources, buying the best parcels of wine and blending them to create one magnificent wine.

The role of the negotiant, done well, is to apply their expertise to the benefit of their customers - creating wines that reflect the typicity of the region but also provide consistency of quality and value.

Building on our own experiences, employing the wit and wisdom of others and sometimes just a little serendipity, we have created a ranges of wines from regions that form the foundations of our wine world.


Seeking New Partners

We are seeking quality businesses to work with who will either work with our entire portfolio or with an individual brand.

Bespoke Branding

In addition to our core range of wines, we are also able to source and create bespoke brands and can provide a portfolio of previous work to illustrate the professional and commercially successful results that we can achieve


Giles Cooke MW and Fergal Tynan MW are two of only 300 Masters of Wine in the world. They are also commercially astute, creative and straight talking. Whether it is advice of product creation, branding, sales strategy or the ability to communicate their passion, they can add value to your business relationships.