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Reliable and extremely friendly service sets Alliance apart. Strong support from a forward thinking Alliance on range, information and service.

John Chapman Oxford Wine Company


The independent retail and wholesale sector is a core part of what Alliance is all about, so the wines that we sell and how we sell them are very much with you in mind.

We believe we are in this together, so we unearth individual yet uniformly inspiring producers from all corners of the globe to ensure that your selection is extraordinary. Championing those who place character and quality before volume and comformity, we have an unapologetically eclectic portfolio of great and fine wines. 

Whether you are a small, specialist retailer, a large regional wholesaler or anything inbetween Alliance is your ideal partner in wine…

With a little help from Peter Leske, we make world class wines from our very own home in the Adelaide Hills. Find out more about the fruits of our labours