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Digital Xtra: Supporting Digital Skills Provision across Scotland

4 August 2017

The Digital Xtra Fund is an independent charity, working in partnership with ScotlandIS, which helps organise and focus support for digital making and computing science activities.

The Fund specifically supports extracurricular activities delivered in Scotland which teach young people aged 16 years and under to understand and create with technology, not just use it. These activities are delivered alongside, but separate from, the current computing science curriculum to help engage even more young people, especially in areas where there is currently a lack of resources or awareness around digital technologies. 

The Fund's aim is to communicate and contextualise skills needs; promote partnerships; and through funding rounds, support sustainable and scalable projects which effectively engage young people. Ideally these activities will target audiences previously unengaged in digital technologies or from underrepresented groups in order to actually broaden the talent pipeline, and not just engage those already inclined towards computing science.

Kraig Brown, Partnerships and Development Manager talks more about the ethos behind the fund, future hopes makes an ask for industry to get more involved.

'We believe every young person in Scotland should have access to a coding or digital making activity as well as understand the future career opportunities in this area. 

Moving forward, we want to develop additional funding rounds that support high-quality extracurricular activities which teach digital making and computing science skills; thereby better preparing more young people for the digital future as well as encourage them to consider a career in digital tech. These funding rounds could also be sector specific (i.e. digital skills in the context of the financial or construction sector) or based on community needs (i.e. activities for girls and young women or in areas of high deprivation).

We are seeking like-minded businesses and organisations to partner with us in order to create more impactful funding rounds. Our partners will have direct input into each funding rounds' objectives, ensuring the relevancy of proposed projects before they are even developed, as well as opportunity to help evaluate the proposals. This will save our partners time and effort versus developing multiple individual skills outreach programmes as well as stimulate more relevant skills engagement being delivered quicker, over a broader geographic area, and with less duplication.'

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