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Iain Thurgar

Head of National Accounts

 Iain Thurgar

Iain looks after National Accounts across the country. Iain came to the wine trade after a successful career in sales and a 3 year stint working for himself wielding an axe for a living. His passion for wine and food were developed at a very young age through his father's delicatessen and mothers catering company which meant his lunchbox would be more likely to contain Baklava and smelly French cheese than a Club and cheese strings. A 3 month "honeymoon" visiting 50 wineries across France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany sealed his fate and Iain waved goodbye to the real world and moved into wine. Iain joined the wine trade working for a successful regional wholesaler and then moved to working for a leading French and German specialist importer where he sold to independent merchants and developed an expensive taste for Chassagne Montrachet and Grosse Gewächs Riesling. He also found time to complete his WSET Diploma.

Iain continues to travel as much as possible, both for wine and food and his new found love of freediving. If you ever need someone to hold their breath for four and a half minutes Iain's your man! When not starving his brain of oxygen at 30m Iain also participates in muddy obstacle races with his wife, attempts not to poison people with his cooking and is a member of a secretive London based blind tasting group.

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