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Paul O' Donoghue

Area Sales Manager

Paul Donoghue


The drinks trade beckoned early for Paul, his first shift came at the age of 7, pulling pints in his Dad's rugby club bar, it was the eighties and child labour laws were less strictly adhered to! He poured and served beer and generally forgot to charge so was an asset to the drinking crowd from the outset, the management found this oversight more of a hindrance than a help and soon packed him off with thanks, a lemonade and some peanuts, it took till the day after his eighteenth birthday before he would tread the bar boards again, starting a 6 year stint at the Canny Man's in Edinburgh while studying English and Philosophy. Here he tasted the first wine that would make a serious impact, a splash of Marques de Murrietta, Castillo Ygay, Gran Reserva Rioja, 1978, it was 1998.

Fine and casual dining and cocktail bar stints ensued at Prestonfield, The George, Monteiths and Bond No 9; it was 14 years in total before pity was taken on his creaking knees and he was offered a role with Enotria, this led to Bibendum and finally to Alliance.

When not eating and drinking professionally you will find Paul eating and drinking. To add some balance to life, Paul offers mediocre promise on a road bike, little more than enthusiasm on a tennis court and glaring inability on a golf course, none of which hinders his regular attempts at all of them. He is willing to get close to the pots and pans at home but his wife, Louise, who is genuinely talented encourages him away vigorously, he was always the better plonguer!

The moustache in his profile picture has been returned to its rightful owner, the 'Ugandan Sherry' too.

07557 533 954