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Cantina Merano, Italy

Situated in the alpine landscape of the Southern Tryol, the vineyards of Merano are cultivated just like small gardens.

Surrounded by cypresses and cedar trees the extremely steep, mainly terraced vineyards receive much love and care. The wines have a lovely depth of minerality and concentrated fruit. Winemaker Stefan Kapfinger focuses on keeping crisp aromatics throughout his whites and a well balanced harmony of fruit and tannin in his full bodied reds.


There are few wineries that boast the spectacular setting of Cantine Merano - nestled amongst the dolomite Alps with high- altitude vineyards (300m-800), protected from the cold northern winds by a series of high peaks, the wide Adige valley basin centred on Merano is ideal for quality viticulture. The terroir, the mild climate, the porous residual soils with a high gravel content on the slopes and sandy material on the valley floor contribute to the beautifully fresh, fruity and crisp white and red wines.


Meticulous viticulture, including hand harvesting of all grapes on the vertiginous slopes, provide the top quality fruit for the Merano wines. All wines are fermented in small stainless steel, temperature controlled tanks allowing the dozens of vineyard from which the cantina harvests to be vinified separately.

  • Some of the most sort after wines in Italy.
  • Crisp aromatics in the whites and a well balanced harmony of fruit and tannin in the full bodied reds.