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Domaine Burguet, France

Alain Burguet has been making terrific wines in Gevrey-Chambertin for nearly thirty years.

He is approximately two barrels tall by one barrel wide, and his muscular physique could be seen in the wines he made in the 1980s, where the tannins were occasionally too firm for the fruit. His style has evolved since then, the fruit now being picked later and riper to add a richer dimension to his wines. He is now assisted by his two sons, Jean-Luc and Eric on his 8 hectare domaine which consists of village Gevrey- Chambertin fruit.


The total vineyard surface is 7.8 hectare today, these vineyards are organically farmed although Alain Burguet doesn't trumpet this fact. He never fell in the trap of the viticultural chemical treatments, even during the intensive-spraying era of the 1970s' and 1980s', when everyone around was dumping tons of this and that between the rows. The vines are trained Guyot Simple and hand harvested.

  • Organically farmed, Alan never succumbed to the intensive spraying era of the 70's and 80's.
  • Hand harvesting and minimal So2 usage.
  • Picked later and riper to add a richer dimension to his wines.