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Domaine de la Bonnelière, France

Six metres under the earth, dug out of the soft local 'tuffeau' limestone, are the cellars of the Domaine de la Bonnelière.

Here in the calm, cool, dark cellars the wine rests awaiting its moment of bottling. It is the end of a journey that Anthony and Cédric Bonneau start in their vineyards in the heart of Saumur where in the heart of Saumur they lovingly cultivate their land, sandwiched between the Loire and its tributary the Thouet. Watched over by these rivers, the brothers respect the land, appreciating its potential, and work with it to create some of the great wines of the Saumur.


All of the work in the vineyard is carried out with quality in mind but not at the expense of the environment which their take great to protect. Using “Méthode Raisonnée” to ensure only the very minimum of treatments are used. The rows between vines are grassed over to ensure protection of the soil and nutrients.


In the winery the aim is let the fruit express the “Terroir” and so use of SO2 is kept to a minimum and native yeasts are used where possible. The winery is run with protection of the environment and best interests of the people in mind.

  • Lutte Raisonnée methods to ensure only the very minimum of treatments are used.
  • Minimal So2 use and native yeasts where possible.
  • Cellars are dug into the soft local 'tuffeau' limestone for natural temperature and humidity control during aging.