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Domaine Grossot, France

Following in the footsteps of her parents, Eve Grossot has now taken charge at this family domaine.

Eve has chosen to continue the estate's focus on expressing the wonderful terroir of their land whilst translating this into more elegant, fine examples of Chablis. Following organic practices, her sights are set on all vineyards being fully certified organic by 2019. The wines have mouth-watering minerality and a wonderfully pure, appley fruit that electrifies the palate, whilst retaining a considerable richness for Chablis.


The vineyards are located on in Fleys, the villages of Chablis, Chichée and near Fontenay. The age of the vines ranges from 5 to 45 years. These are mostly trained "double Guyot" (traditional in Chablis) and new vines are pruned in "Guyot simple" to reduce the accumulation of vegetation and therefore the risk of disease. For the past 20 years the vineyard has been managed in line with the practises of "Reasoned Agriculture" which means soil tillage, using organic fertilizer, and using treatments only where they are strictly necessary. For two years, several of the plots have been grown Organically and the entire production will be certified as Organic within 3 years. This care for nature is reflected elsewhere too, the old branches of vine are collected and burned in a wood burner to heat buildings on the estate.


After a slight settling, the juice is fermented in stainless steel tank where is also goes through malolactic fermentation. Post fermentation there is a long period of maturation on lees to develop the aromas and complexity of flavours. If necessary they carry out a fining using bentonite. All wines are cold stabilised which eliminates any tartrate crystals. The wines are filtered using a tangential filter. The wine is bottled between between 14 and 21 months after the harvest.

  • Organic viticulture and winemaking.
  • Old vines and cuttings used in wood burners to heat buildings in the area.
  • Experimental procedures to create own fertiliser from grinding down old vines