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Ignacio Marin, Spain

Blessed with an abundance of sunshine that is tempered by the strong Cierzo wind that flows through the Ebro Valley, cooling the vines and the people alike, the Ignacio Marin family have deep roots in the Cariñena region.

With a winemaking heritage stretching back centuries that is matched by a generation long devotion to Garnacha they take the abiding view, cherishing the old vines they tend, eschewing the modern day pressures to grub them up. Upon that long held belief and resolute defiance their reputation has been built. They strive to create wines of incredible value and varietal character true to their quiet corner of Spain.


The region itself is blessed with an abundance of sunshine hours, whilst the strong Cierzo wind, which blows down through the Ebro Valley moderates temperatures, giving the grapes thicker skins and characteristic concentration of aromas and flavours. The vineyards are around 25 years old and are situated in the regions predominantly stony, limestone soils.


Grapes are gently pressed, followed by a temperature controlled fermentation prior to ageing.

  • High quality, well-priced and distinctive Cariñena wines, with intensity, yet purity and freshness.
  • A family owned winery with a long heritage of winegrowing in the region, and some of the oldest plantings of Garnacha.
  • Working vineyards in the most respectful way possible, in what is one of the oldest DO wine growing regions in Spain.