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Jack O’ The Green, England

Jack O’ The Green are a pair of organically grown English wines, harvested and vinified in Rye, East Sussex.

The grapes come from our friends at Oxney Estate, who have the largest holdings of organic vineyards in England. After Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier grapes are harvested by hand and vinified at Oxney Estate, they are transported down the road to Tillingham Winery where they are bottled. These wines are ready in time for the Jack O’ The Green celebrations in May, and this custom is beautifully depicted on the labels, with Jack topped with an intricate crown of flora.


Oxney Organic Estate is a shining example of English organic farming set in the heart of East Sussex in the charming village of Beckley, 21 acres of their land is planted with vines mixed in with other crops and flocks of four different breeds of sheep. Owners Kristin Syltevik and Paul Dobson take a sustainable and natural approach to every aspect of the operation. From natural disease control to using wood chippings from their coppices as heat source.


Picked by hand and transported to the winery next to the vineyard in small 12kg crates. Each parcel was whole bunch pressed and fermented separately. Both wines have good levels of acidity to support their ageing.

  • Organically grown English Chardonnay & Rose from Rye, East Sussex
  • Grapes grown and vinified at Oxney Estate, bottled and aged at Tillingham Winery
  • Labels illustrate the folk tradition of Jack O The Green and are sealed with a wax capsule