Venturini Baldini, Italy

The sparkling reds that this estate produces are a revelation, full of ripe dark fruit, herbs and light tannins.

The farm has been certified organic since 1985, one of the first estates in this region to receive organic certification. All harvesting is done by hand and collected in small baskets and crates which are sent immediately to the winery which is located centrally within the vineyards.


The vines cover over a quarter of the estate which surrounds the 17th-century manor house. Since the mid-Seventies they have done their utmost to conserve the nature of the 150-hectare site, which is one quarter vineyard and three quarters natural woodland and meadow. Coming across vines amidst woodland with age-old oaks, fruit trees and open grassland where roe deer, foxes, hares, weasels and badgers wander freely, gives some indication of the healthy state of the local eco-system. It is no coincidence that the farm is a seamless continuation of the Parco di Roncolo, which is a protected green area incorporating a number of woods at the eastern edge of the town of Quattro Castella. The rows of grapevines are planted in earth that is full of clay and sand, facing south-east and south-west. The grapes are cultivated using organic methods and produce around 8000 kg per hectare. Yields are limited to 100,000 bottles and only the best grapes are used.


Traditional method of producing Lambrusco by the Charmat Method.

  • Certified organic since 1985 but has followed organic practices for many years. Natural fertilisers, encouragement of natural predators against pests and use of natural preventative measures against f
  • 150-hectare site, which is one quarter vineyard and three quarters natural woodland and meadow to encourage biodivesity.
  • Yields are only 8500kg per hectare, just over half the permitted standard for Reggiano Lambrusco DOC.