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Highly esteemed wines from the heart of Rioja

Rioja is a large region and, like Champagne and the Douro, is dominated by a small number of very large branded producers whose size dictates that they buy-in grapes and bulk wine from a large number of growers and cooperatives.

deAlto believes that one of the strengths of the region is the diversity and potential of its vineyards but, by definition, large brands are not best placed to express this.

deAlto crafts wines which we believe to be individual, pure expressions of the Rioja Baja vineyards that we call home.

We were very lucky that the Manzanos family shared our ideals and through that relationship, we have access to over 250 hectares of prime Rioja vineyards from which we select only the best for deAlto.

One of the traditional obstacles for any grape grower wanting to become a winemaker in Rioja was that to become a Bodega, one had to own a certain number of barrels. Today, the entire classification system is based around the notion that ageing in barrels equates to quality.

And yet some of the most beautiful wines we have tasted are those young wines, still exuberant with fruit, freshness and energy. Moreover, some of the most disappointing wines are those overly oaked wines where you can barely determine the fruit that once was there.

deAlto is different. We start by selecting fruit in the vineyard - pristine fruit whose attributes are perfectly aligned with the styles of wine we love to make (and drink). Carefully picked and sensitively vinified, we aim to preserve fruit, are not afraid of tannin and acidity (they make wine tasty) and use oak to complement, not swamp the fruit.

deAlto wines are released when we think you would like to drink them, not when the authorities say that we should. As a result, some of our best wines may not fall within the traditional Crianza, Reserva, Gran Reserva regime.