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El Primero

The first wines of Spain

Over the years, some of the most delicious wines that we have tried have been those that have just finished fermenting. Tasting through the newly born wines in November each year, the vibancy, immediate appeal and downright deliciousness of juicy Garnacha, spicy, peppery Graciano just could not be ignored.

It turns out that people over the centuries have also fallen in love with the "first" wines of the vintage. Tradition dictates that the wine villages on the pilgrim's trail of the Camino de Santiago would often fill the fountains in the village square with young wine for the pilgrims to refresh themselves with.

El Primero celebrates this history with wines that offer mouth-watering juicy fruit, balanced flavours that demand that you have one glass more.

250 ha of vineyards are planted on clay-limestone soil at an average height of 400m above sea level. Meticulous attention to detail in the vineyards, coupled with the extreme climate, offer the perfect conditions for the production of great wines. Grapes are all hand-picked in early October from one of the most renowned appellations in Spain, the Ebro valley where Rioja and Navarra regions come together.

Try El Primero and we promise that it won't be the last time you try it!


El Primero