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Domaine A, Tasmania

Domaine A is the jewel in the crown of the Tasmanian wine industry.

Nestled at Stoney Vineyard (the oldest in Tasmania's famous Coal River Valley), Domaine A boasts the perfect mix of terroir, philosophy and patience to produce some of the finest wines in Australia.

North-facing, temperate and close enough to the coast to catch a sea breeze, Domaine A vines receive some of the longest daylight hours in Australia, allowing for longer vintages of incredible subtlety and intensity.

These ideal growing conditions caught the eye of Swiss couple Peter and Ruth Althaus as they scoured the southern hemisphere for somewhere to build their dream-a cool-climate riposte to the great estates of France and Germany. After establishing Domaine A, they took their time to produce some of the best big Bordeaux blends Australia has seen, often waiting over a decade before even considering a release.

This willingness to wait, and an attitude of quality above all else (even the bank account) kept them quietly at the forefront of Australian winemaking until their retirement in 2018, when they handed over to the new custodians: Moorilla winemaker Connor van der Reest and Mona (Museum of Old and New Art) owner David Walsh.