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thousand candles, Yarra Valley

"I cannot think of an Australian wine more daring than this." Tyson Stelzer

Much revered Pinot specialist William Downie is the man behind the iconic thousand candles, a vineyard in the Southern Yarra Valley. Made from selected plots within the well-known Killara Park Estate, thousand candles is a uniquely Australian wine that speaks of the farm: the seasons that it has passed through and the care and detail of the vintage that the team has tried to capture.  

The idea is to capture in the bottle the essence of place and season, rather than be guided by or try to emulate an established style. thousand candles aims to express the character of one vintage on one farm and is a true exploration of an Australian notion of terroir. Each vintage blend varies to celebrate the best of the farm and the terroir in that year, reflecting the changeability of climate and weather.