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Oxney Organic Estate, Sussex

Organic sparkling wine from the heart of East Sussex.

Located in the heart of East Sussex, Oxney Organic Estate is a shining example of the new direction of English viticulture.

Fully organic over their entire acreage, Kristin Syltevik and Paul Dobson are committed to sustainability and a natural approach wherever possible. The 21 acres of vines stand shoulder to shoulder with wild plants and herbs to help ensure the environmental balance of the land is not disturbed. A youthful estate, they are as ambitious as they are committed, vinifying in a converted oast house using state of the art facilities to ensure that they can capture the best possible expression of the land in their wine. Only in their third year of production, their sparkling wine made from the traditional Champagne varieties is a benchmark example.

Winemaker Ben Smith, a Plumpton College graduate, has already made headlines with awards for their still rosé, and has paid an equal amount of attention to creating their sparkling wines with the first vintage of 2014 Sparkling wine launched in 2016. Clive Stanford manages the vineyard and vines in an organic system that minimises the use of fossil fuels and uses no herbicides or pesticides.

The winery is located in an old Grade II listed square oast house. The building has been converted to house the state of the art wine making technology required to make top quality organic English wine. Receiving visitors is also a top priority and their extensive restoration project has created a great location for winery tours and tastings so give them a call to arrange a tour if you are in the area. The sparkling wines are made in the same traditional method and with the same varieties as Champagne, but more focussed on the fresh fruit flavours. 


Oxney Organic Estate