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Burgundy/ Beaujolais

Burgundy is not just Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, it's an exciting opportunity to really explore what is meant by 'terroir' with its proliferation of 'Villages', 'Cru', 'Climats', and 'Lieux - Dits'. 

This study could last a lifetime so our range will show you in a snapshot the best of what is out there.

In Chablis, Domaine Corinne & Jean Pierre Grossot is anchored on the slopes of the famous village of Fleys. Today, along with their youngest daughter Eve, renewed passion is being invested in the vines and wine. The focus is on the expression of 'terroir' to develop fine, elegant wines which respect the traditional characteristics of Chablis. The 1er Cru Mont de Milieu is sumptuous!

Further south, in the Côtes de Nuits, artisan winemaker Alain Burguet is making his mark with a Gevrey Chambertin which respects all of the history of the region yet shows the benefits of modern techniques and a passionate craftsman. This outstanding wine now benefits from some of the lowest sulphur levels on the market and even if that means nothing to you, you will certainly notice the results, a wine with bright fruit and remarkable purity.

In the Côte de Beaune, the wines from Domaine Laurent Pillot really stand out, his St. Aubin 1er Cru is always a hit at our tastings as well as his classic Pommard.

In the Châlonnais and Mâconnais we offer really classy wines at an affordable price. Jean Paul Paquet at Domaine de Fussiacus is making fantastic St Véran, achieving ever more finesse and concentration. In the Châlonnais at Domaine Jaegar-Defaix demand outstrips supply on occasions and when
you taste their Rully 1er Cru wines you will see why.


An area of France that is certainly seeing something of a revival, its fruity, lighter red wines being back are very much in vogue and for the more health conscious, Beaujolais's more delicate wines are a natural choice.

Our concise range can show off the essence of the region. At Domaine de Colette the vineyards are farmed organically, albeit uncertified, and yields are restricted to ensure concentration and quality. At Domaine Berrod in Fleurie, their 22 hectares of vines are all grown on granite soil, producing velvety smooth, elegant wines which whisper, not shout, Beaujolais.