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Domaine Lucien Muzard et Fils, Côte de Beaune

Lucien Muzard began his winemaking career at a young age with three-quarters of an acre of vines.

During his time at the helm, Lucien Muzard put together a remarkable collection of vineyard holdings in Santenay (with tiny lots in Chassagne rouge territory and in Pommard).

From his initial three quarters of an acre, Lucien went on to buy additional parcels as they came up over the years.

In 1995 he handed over the reins to his sons Claude and Hervé, who immediately began domaine bottling their wine rather than selling it in bulk to negociants. 

In 2003 they acquired a new temperature-controlled fermentation facility and stocked it with wooden fermentation vats, a new press, sorting table, and conveyor belt to carry grapes to vat without pumping- all enabling great care to be taken during fermentation and ageing.

In 2005 they went organic in their vineyards and gained certification for biodynamic farming with the 2008 vintage.  The brothers trace their lineage back to 1645 in Santenay and see themselves as part of a long tradition of  farmers. Their decision to work biodynamically was taken to sustain and improve the health of their land.  

The average age of the vines is 55 years. Pinot Noir grape variety is grown on clay and chalky soil with Cordon de Royat pruning. Harvesting is all carried out by hand in small cases of 10 kgs. Reducing vine yields and the adoption of some modern wine-making techniques has resulted in spotlessly pure, great value Burgundy.

They started using sonveyor belts rather than pumps to keep crushing to an absolute minimum as well as acquiring a new temperature controlled fermentation facility with

 The resulting wines are powerful, elegant and memorable.