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Domaine Michelot, Côte de Beaune

Jean-Francois Mestre has headed the winemaking at Domaine Michelot, the famous 22 hectare Meursault estate, since 1993, re-instating the Domaine as one of the finest in Meursault.

At Domaine Michelot, wine is made in the traditional way  and the wines complete their alcoholic and malolactic fermentations in oak casks.

Usually one third new oak is used and the wines are bottled one year after harvest. With extended lees contact and regular lees-stirring (battonage) the wines gain texture and further flavour dimension. The style is one of elegance and restraint but with great depth.

The Meursault Sous La Velle vineyard is located at 220m, at the base of the slope at on clay-gravel soil. The Michelot parcel is just under one and half hectare the vines are 78 years old on average.

Domaine Michelot's "reasoned" vineyard practices aim at maintaining a balanced natural environment. The goal is to encourage the vine's natural resistance mechanisms.  They regularly plow the soils and apply compost rather than chemical fertilizers.  Grass is planted between all the rows to absorb water, thereby creating a condition of mild hydratic stress for the wines.

The Sous la Velle is an inviting, lush, textured style of Mersault, meltingly beautiful, flirtatious and lovely.