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Languedoc & South West

Languedoc and South West France

Although by no means a straightforward vintage, 2013 seems to have been kinder to Languedoc than to most other regions in France. In terms of quantity and quality the harvest was very good with the slightly higher levels of acidity in the reds giving a fresh edge to the wines. Despite years of uprooting and reports of demand outstripping supply, there is still wine there as this year's Vinisud wine fair demonstrated, the trick is finding those exceptional wines that show off the real potential of the area.

Alliance Wine's own production wines aim to do just that. This year we have introduced two new ranges that add new depth to our portfolio. 'Coin des Coquins' range with it's Sauvignon Gros Manseng blend combines the unique, tangy Gros Manseng of Gascony with the Classic Sauvignon Blanc of Languedoc to produce a fresh, flavoursome wine. For the red the lesser known Mourvèdre is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon for an interesting twist on the native varieties of the region.

With Burgundy prices ever climbing, we have introduced a well-made, well-priced alternative to the traditional Burgundian couple with a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from carefully selected, cooler sites in the Languedoc under the 'Montsablé' brand.

From Picpoul to Corbières and St Chinian, our range captures the quality, diversity and style of this sun-kissed region. The jewel in the crown of our range must be Mas Cal Demoura in Terrasses du Larzac. Vincent Goumard recognized immediately the promise of this sub-region of Languedoc. Here the vines enjoy the benefits of cooler nights after hot days thanks to their proximity to the mountains of the southern Massif Central. Vincent's respect for terroir, his attention to detail and his passion for great wines has led to a range of truly outstanding wines we are proud to have in our list.