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Domaine la Bonnelière, Saumur

In 1972 André Bonneau and his wife created Domaine de la Bonnelière on the site of the “Caveau St Vincent” with just a few hectares of vine.

Six metres under the earth, dug out of the soft local 'tuffeau' limestone, are the cellars of the Domaine de la Bonnelière.

Here in the calm, cool, dark cellars the wine rests awaiting its moment of bottling. It is the end of a journey that Anthony and Cédric Bonneau start in their vineyards where, in the heart of Saumur, they lovingly cultivate their land which is sandwiched between the Loire and its tributary the Thouet. Watched over by these rivers, the brothers respect the land, appreciating its potential, and work with it to create some of the great wines of the Saumur.