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Northern Rhône

It is true that you are not going to find bargain basement wines in this part of the world but when you see the spectacular, steep-sided vineyards of the Côte Rotie you can see why.

The wines of Domaine de Bonserine really are an authentic taste of this terroir. The name alludes to the 'Serine' clone of Syrah which had all but died out in the 1970s as modern clones that were higher yielding and more disease resistant gained in popularity. This old clone is smaller in cluster and much lower yielding but gives a highly aromatic wine and many regard this clone now as the 'real' Syrah. A connoisseur wine that you really should taste to understand this variety's provenance.

Albert Belle's Crozes-Hermitage remains a stalwart of our range, and for good reason. This is bench mark Northern Rhône Syrah, peppery, spicy and full of nuance and complexity. Value is about the wines relationship between quality and price and this wine certainly does offer great value.

The area is one not to skip over on any restaurant list, these truly are 'food wines' and worth seeking out.

Southern Rhône

Last year Alliance Wine France rose to the challenge of creating its very own range of Southern Rhône wines.

In collaboration with one of Châteauneuf's most highly respected winemakers, we launched 'Val de Garrigue' with 8 wines. From a light, quaffable Ventoux to an elegant but majestic Châteauneuf du Pape, all have enjoyed amazing success. Having shown these wines at our last two Spring and Autumn tastings we are delighted with the positive reactions and later this year we plan to add a seductive Muscat de Beaumes de Venise to the range, the perfect finale!