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Bizios, Nemea

Organically farmed grapes from the highest vineyards in AOQS Nemea

In 1998, Elia Bizios founded his winery following in the footsteps of his father off whom he learn't the craft of both making wine and running the business.

The village of Asprokampos, high in the mountains above the Nemea plain has long been recognised as the best terroir for Agiorgitiko and Elias Bizios has some of the best vineyards in the village. At an altitude of up to 950m Elias' 10 hectares of organically farmed, old vines are harvested by hand by Elias and produce pristine, ripe fruit that are transformed into powerful but fresh, vibrant wine.

Asprokambos is a unique region in the appellation of Nemea. Due to its geographic placement and altitude it produces special wines with excellent ageing potential, rich in aromas, phenolic components and acids. This has been noted by Julia Harding MW as the region's "best of the best for fresh and well-structured wines for ageing". Surrounded by lush green vineyards, in the valley that is shaped between the mountains of Ziria and Gavria it is another postcard worthy setting in Greece, capable of producing world class wines just waiting to be discovered.

Elia's aim is to create wines of the highest quality whilst maintaining respect for the environment and its biodiversity. He makes authentic and honest wines that truly express the terroir from which they emanate by utilising a combination of traditional techniques with modern technology.  He picks his organically grown grapes from vineyards with low yeild per acre to achieve the best possible concentration of varietal characteristics.