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Vassaltis, Santorini

Ancient viticultural practices and a modern winery combine to create Santorini Island wines with a unique twist.

The picturesque island of Santorini has, over the years, built itself a reputation for being a very strong producer of wines indeed. Amongst this booming wine culture, a brand new project between friends was born when Yannis Valambous returned to Santorini, to revive his family vineyards.

This modern estate in Santorini can boast one of the most experienced winemaking teams on the island, with stints at places such as Michel Chapoutier in France, T-Oinos Estate on the Greek island of Tinos, as well as at Sigalas and Hatzidakis on Santorini itself.

Representing the younger generation of winemaking of Vassaltis, Yannis brought the passion and energy to drive quality to the level of fine white Burgundies and Rhones that dominate the world stage. Working with his friend and now colleague Elias Roussakis, the two extremely experienced oenologist work with the aegean eco system, using indigenous grape varieties, utilising unique viticultural practices that have been a tradition in Santorini for centuries.

From the 2015 vintage, Vassaltis have added a barrel aged Assyrtiko to their range, using low-toast, top-quality French oak to give beautifully well-integrated toasty spice notes and creamy texture to Assyrtiko's naturally intense minerality. They are making wines with power and succulence, combined with elegant structure and intensely fine minerality with their own, unique, Santorini twist.