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Apollonio, Puglia

True Southern Italian Style from this historic family owned estate

You can expect great things from this historic family owned Pugliese estate.

Apollonio was a benchmark producer in the region in the early part of the 20th Century and continues to forge ahead today with the fourth generation of the Apollonio family at the helm.

The wines of Puglia have never received as much interest in the past as they do now. Tasting Apollonio's wines shows that here at least the attention is justified.

Great care is taken in the production and vinification of local grape varieties to produce wines of uniquely southern Italian character. Ageing typically takes place in barrel and then bottle for extended periods before release.

Powerful and complex, the wines have flavours of ripe, dark fruits and leather, attractive weight, richness and balanced tannin. They brilliantly represent the terroir and climate of Puglia while being beautifully elegant in their structure and style.

In 2012, Apollonio's Divoto Copertino Rosso 2004 won the Trophy at the IWC Awards.