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"Casamatta," or "crazy house," is Bibi Graetz's creation of a Tuscan-style house wine - a juicy red with plenty of dark fruit, well balanced with bright acidity.

Bibi Graetz, Tuscany

From artist to cult winemaker!

Bibi Graetz is an artist both on canvas and in the winery.

The old adage of winemaking being an art form rather than a science is never more true or apt than with the self-taught Bibi. Having grown up in the grand surroundings of his family's Tuscan castle, which he still lives in, he was freed from the normal constraints of a Chianti estate surrounded by vines.

He began with a small two hectare vineyard from his parents, which he worked organically and has gone on to source the rest of his grapes from growers who farm amazing sites. In the year 2000, his wines unceremoniously gatecrashed the staid Tuscan wine scene and have gone on to win fans around the world for their flavour, complexity and elegance. In Testamatta he has created one of Italy's great cult wines and along with Colori, he crafts 2 of Italy's most collectable red wines.